The official Awana Game circle:

wpe3.jpg (21617 bytes)

A 40 foot square made up of 4 colors: red, blue, green, & yellow (in that order)

A 30 foot circle (white tape)

4 pieces of colored tape from the center to the corner of square (if you are on the outside of the circle facing red, the red diagonal will be on your right and the blue diagonal will be to your left)

A 6 foot square (the corners of the square will be six feet from the center of the circle) in the center of the circle (each piece of the square is the same color as the parallel 40 foot square tape

A piece of colored tape place perpendicular to the same-colored diagonal at the 3 foot mark in the square

A longer piece of colored tape at the 7 foot mark outside the square

Smaller pieces of colored tape on the 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 foot marks

Smaller pieces of colored tape at the 16 & 17 foot marks outside the circle

A piece of white tape 3 feet past the colored diagonal to the right  of the circle (as you face the circle from the outside)

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